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Tenants rights and responsiblities

As a tenant residing in one of our properties in Brisbane, you have certain rights as well as legal responsibilities to follow. As a property management agency, we strive to meet our legal responsibilities in regards to your tenancy as well as to make your stay as seamless and unobtrusive as possible.

Your rights as a tenant can be found in the hardcopy booklet you received at the beginning of your tenancy or the pdf copy that was emailed to you as well as on your tenancy agreement. This booklet can also be found on the RTA website HERE  or on our own website HERE.

As a reminder, some of your responsibilities are paying your rent on time, keeping the property clean and undamaged as well as respecting your neighbor's rights to peace and quiet.

One of our responsibilities is to carry out maintenance at your property according to the instructions of your owners. This is of course subject to what sort of maintenance is involved. As mentioned below, please use our online form to notify us of any issues. In addition, if there are any other concerns with your tenancy, please call our offfice and talk to one of our property managers

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