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Tenant information (winter approaching)

With the recent cold weather, here are some practical tips for reducing your energy bills.

Remember to rug up. If you wander around in shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of winter, you'll probably end up turning the heating up.

Put on a sweater and wear some socks or slippers and remember to have a blanket on the TV couch. Mats and strips of carpet also help on tiled and timber floors. Keep doors and windows shut. If you are not using a room, close the door.

Windows that leak cold air can easily be fixed with some stripping from a hardware. Close the curtains or blinds at night to keep the warm air inside. If you don’t have these, then you can always hang a blanket or sheet over window to keep the heat in.

If you have central heating or air-conditioning, remember to turn it down or even off at night. Make sure it is off if no one is home. After baking or cooking dinner, leave the oven door open. There is no need to insulate all that heat in the oven once the cooking has been finished.

Use only a heater in the room you’re in and close off the other doors to the rest of the house.

Remember to seal any leaks where cold air can enter the house. Besides the windows there are the edges and bottom of doors. A towel can sometimes seal the leakage at the bottom of a door, but there are also numerous other products at the hardware store.

Don''t let the kids keep on going in and out when the temperature starts dropping. Each time the door opens, you lose all that heat and energy. Try to keep outside excursions to a minimum and by even opening an outside door 1 time less, you will be saving money, not to mention the comfort level in your home.

All of these tips are good, old fashioned, common sense ideas that don’t take but a few minutes and maybe a few dollars to implement. True these things won’t save you thousands like all new windows would, but they will help you to save some money instead of giving it to the energy companies.

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