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Tenant Ideas (Saving on electricity)

Last week I mentioned about saving money on heating costs. This is of course only part of the story, as for most of us, saving on heating means saving on electricity. However there are many ways to save on electricity costs besides the heating side of the equation. Here are just a few.

*  Utilize a smart meter, and if you don't have one buy one. There are many on the market for under $100. With a smart meter you can see your usage as well log onto web portals to see if there are better electricity plans that suit the way of your usage.

*  Compare, compare and compare. Ring up different power companies and ask for a discount. Be wary though and know your usage so that you can have a proper comparison.

*  An obvious one maybe, but turn off lights. If you are a long term tenant, you might look at buying some energy efficient globes which will save you money over time.

*  Think about what you want out of the fridge before you open it.

*  Of course, if it's cold close windows and doors as well curtains and blinds.


*   Turn your computer off when you're not using it.*  Turn off appliances at the power point.

*    Get rid of the Dryer. In Queensland there is little need for a dryer with our warm climate. Hang clothes in a garage on some nylon rope for the odd occasion when there are a few wet days in a row.

*  Wash your clothes in cold water or use a cooler temperature on your wash cycle.

*   If you have gas, boil your water on it instead of using the electric jug. It's cheaper.

*  If you have a pool, try changing the cleaning cycle 1 hour less per day and see how your pool fairs. Certainly adjust the pool timer down for winter when there is little usage.

*  Try using the electric oven less and using the outside barbeque more. The microwave uses less power than an electric oven and gas is cheaper to cook with.

*  Turn on the dishwasher only when i'ts full and use the econ cycle.

*  Keep your shower as short as possible and use low flow heads.

*  If you're in the market for a new appliance, certainly look at the efficiency star rating. Over many years this will save a lot of money. For example, front load washing machines are way more efficient than top loaders.

*  Defrost food naturally instead of using the microwave.

These are but a few ideas and there are many more. Remember every cent saved will add up over a year and can amount to hundreds of dollars of savings

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