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Some tips when you decide to move on


When you decide to move out of your rental property, you must give us 14 days written notice on Form 13 ( Notice of Intention to leave). This form can be found on our website or the RTA website. We will in turn send you a vacating pack with information similar to the following which is reprinted from the RTA website for your information. 

  • Clean the property thoroughly or get a professional company to perform this for you
  • When cleaning check against the following list:
  • Kitchen
    • Clean inside/outside out all cupboards
    • Wash all countertops and surface areas
    • Clean inside and outside of oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, defrost freezer (if supplied)
    • Clean cooktop, grill and rangehood
    • Clean sink and taps, including descaling
    • Clean windows, window sills/tracks, window and door frames and fly screens
    • Sweep/vacuum and wash floors
  • Bathroom
  • Clean sink, toilet and bath including taps
  • Clean tiles
  • Remove any mould from walls/tiles and ceiling
  • Wash shower curtain/clean shower doors or enclosure
  • Clean all surface areas, shower rails and mirrors
  • Sweep and wash all floors
  • Other rooms
    • Dust and wash all surfaces
    • Dust and wash door and window frames and window sills/tracks
    • Clean mirrors
    • Dust fans
    • Wipe outside of air conditioning units, clean filters
    • Clean out any cupboards or wardrobes

    • Dust and clean skirting boards
    • Vacuum and wash floors
  • Outdoor areas
  • Mow grass, weed and trim edges
  • Clean out any leaves or debris in the pool (check for any special conditions in the tenancy agreement)
  • Sweep external areas
  • Empty and wash out bins
  • Remove any oil stains on driveway or in garage
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Remove all rubbish from property
  • Get carpets cleaned and pest control conducted if specified in the tenancy agreement
  • General
  • Fill out the Exit condition report (Form 14a) after you move out any furniture or other possessions
  • Approach it systematically - go from room to room and fill in each section of the report
  • Use extra pages if necessary
  • The original Entry condition report is used to compare against the exit report. Your property owner/manager will be able to supply you with a copy if you do not have it
  • If you do use a professional cleaner, check the property after the work is done before you return the keys
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