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Some cleaning tips

Driveway and Garage Stains

We find that tenants are leaving the property at the end of their tenancy often have the unnecessary expense of cleaning oil stains off their cement driveway or from the garage floor. We constantly urge all tenants to place a drip tray or at least a flat cardboard box under their vehicles. All new leases now have this as a standard clause therefore it is now a requirement of your lease agreement that you guard against this sort of spillage.

Occasionally stains occur through no fault of the tenant when friends visit and it’s the last thing  (the visitors) think of when exiting their car. Sprinkle Bi Carbonate of soda over the stain and then spray white vinegar over the powder and scrub with a broom.  This generally does the trick. However, stubborn stains may have penetrated the concrete to much .  The trick for this is Coca Cola.  This should finish the job for you and save you money.

Bathroom - How to clean Bathtubs

To prevent bathtub rings and soap scum build up, give your bathtub a quick wipe down with a soft cloth or sponge after every use. Clean weekly with a mild detergent. Remove soap scum build up using a nylon brush or scrub pad with a multi purpose detergent. A dripping tap may cause blue or green drip stains. Remove by rubbing lightly with a soap pad or soap suds with ammonia. Alternatively, try a mixture of household bleach and water.


Grey or brown rust stains may result from a build up of iron in the water. The suggested treatment for drip stains may remove these stains. Alternatively, sprinkle salt on half a lemon and rub.

The following may remove stubborn stains:

* rubbing with a bleach solution; or

* covering stain with a paste of cream of tarter and diluted hydrogen peroxide (add a couple of drops of ammonia if stain is particularly stubborn) leaving for two hours, then rinsing; or

* covering stain with a paste of borax and lemon juice leaving for two hours.

A yellowed enamel bath may be brightened by rubbing with a solution of salt and turpentine (turps).

To treat old stains, shave a cake of household soap into a bucket of hot water. Add half a cup of methylated spirits. Stir vigorously until soap dissolves. Brush the mixture on stain vigorously. Rinse thoroughly.


Clean with dishwashing liquid or liquid soap.


Stubborn stains may be removed by gently rubbing with fine sandpaper until surface is smooth. Next rub with silver metal polish. Use silver metal polish to treat scratches and nicks.

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