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Prepare for Xmas and the new year


With the upcoming Christmas season, it is important to remember that extra dangers and hazards can exist over this period. In addition, it is also relevant to mention the possible financial burden that the festive season can bring if not planned correctly. 

So, here are some simple steps to reduce the risks of damage and theft at your home this festive season:

  • If you’re heading on holidays, don’t hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerbeds, or above door ledges. Give the spare key to a trusted friend or neighbour.
  • If you’re going away make sure you communicate this to friends and/or neighbours who can keep an eye on your property. Remind them to lock up securely before they leave if you allow access.
  • Outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, piled up newspapers and junk mail are giveaways that a house is unoccupied. A simple inexpensive light timer can assist with this problem and ask a neighbour to collect papers and mail.

  • Ensure Christmas trees and gifts are not displayed in a front window so they are easily visible from the street. Burglars may be tempted to smash the window and grab the wrapped packages.
  • It might be a good time to check that you have contents insurance which can cover a loss if you're broken in to.
  • Never leave candles unattended and be sensible when decorating by not overloading one power outlet with thousands of lights.
  • Post-Christmas, don’t pile all the boxes from new gifts, such as electronics, in the street in full view. Break them down and put them inside the bins out of sight.
  • As the festive fun wraps up, update your insurance policy if you receive any high-value items or invest in the post-Christmas sales.
  • Financially, make sure you cover the essential bills first such as rent and electricity before over committing to presents and holidays.
  • Enjoy the season and stay safe on the roads.
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