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Notice periods for entry


HomeRentals Queensland inspect our investor's rental premises every three to four months as per our professional duty to the owner, and to ensure that the premises are maintained in a reasonable condition. We will give a tenant no less than seven days written notice on the RTA Form 9 - Entry Notice.  The amount of notice needed depends on the reason for entering the premises. Below are the minimum notice periods required. Please note the last item, as often negotiation is used when appointments are changed or cancelled or less time is available under certain circumstances.


Minimum notice periods are:

  • To inspect the premises - seven days (lessor/property manager allowed to enter no more than once in a three month period, unless the tenant agrees)
  • To complete routine repairs or carry out maintenance - 24 hours
  • To inspect after repairs or maintenance has been carried out - 24 hours
  • To repair or carry out maintenance where the premises is in a remote area and there is a shortage of qualified tradespersons in the area - no notice
  • In an emergency or to protect the premises from damage - no notice
  • If the lessor/property manager believes that the premises is abandoned - 24 hours
  • To show the premises to a prospective tenant or buyer or for valuation purposes - 24 hours ( if the property is for sale, a Form 10 - Notice of Lessor's Intention to Sell must have been issued)
  • By order of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal - as stated in the order
  • If during a routine general inspection, a notice to remedy has been issued to a tenant for a "significant breach”, a 24 hour re-entry notice can be issued to ensure the breach has been remedied. The re-entry must be done within 14 days of the expiry of the notice to remedy (a significant breach is; the tenant using the premises for an illegal purpose, unapproved occupants, unapproved pets, or any other matter, if the cost of rectifying that matter exceeds one weeks' rent)
  • If a tenant agrees, anytime by negotiation.

The parties may wish to negotiate a time that is suitable to everyone. If entry is for a lawful purpose, the correct notice has been given and the entry is at a reasonable time, the tenant cannot refuse entry. Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act, the tenant does not have an automatic right to be present when the lessor/property manager enters. If you have any concerns or questions regarding entry contact the RTA.

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