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Getting your Bond back

You get your bond back at the end of the tenancy as long as no money is owed to the lessor/agent for rent, damages or other costs. You can apply to have your bond money returned on, or after, handover day. The RTA will need your forwarding address to process your bond refund.

If you and the lessor/agent agree at the end of the tenancy You and the lessor/agent must sign the Refund of rental bond (Form 4) and submit it to the RTA. The RTA will refund the bond as directed within a few days. The fastest way to get your bond back is to provide the RTA with your bank details so it can be deposited into the correct account. 

If you and the lessor disagree you or the lessor/agent can submit a bond refund form. The RTA will then send the other person a Notice of claim and a Dispute resolution request (Form 16). If the RTA does not receive a response within 14 days, the bond will be paid out, as directed, by whoever first lodged the bond refund form. If they do respond, the RTA dispute resolution service will try to help resolve the disagreement. If agreement is reached, you and the lessor/agent sign the bond refund form and the bond is paid out as agreed. If agreement is not reached, the person who lodged the dispute resolution request form can apply to QCAT for a decision. They must do so within 7 days and notify the RTA in writing of the QCAT application within the correct timeframe. If no QCAT application is lodged within 7 days, the RTA will pay the bond as directed by the person who first lodged the bond refund form.

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