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Fixtures in your home

It is important to understand your responsibilities as a tenant with regard to what you can or can't do within your Rental Home. The following is an extract from the RTA website which outlines details about fixtures and inclusions. 

Fixtures are things that are attached to or installed in the property, e.g. picture hooks, tv antenna.

Inclusions are everything supplied with the property for the tenant’s use, e.g. dishwasher.

Fixtures can only be added with the lessor/agent's written permission.

Fast facts

Once a fixture is attached or installed by the lessor it becomes part of the property and is the lessor's responsibility to ensure it is in a good state of repair.

A tenant may only attach or install a fixture if the lessor/agent agrees in writing.

A lessor/body corporate/owner does not have to agree to a fixture request if they give good reason.

If a tenant installs a fixture

Things attached or installed in the property, e.g. picture hooks without written permission, the lessor/agent can ask for them to pay to reinstate the property to the original condition, or they can keep it as an improvement to the property.

Note: there is no obligation on the lessor to upgrade an otherwise working TV antenna to a digital antenna.This will have to be agreed at the end of the tenancy.Inclusions should be checked at the start of the tenancy to ensure that they are clean and in good working order and their condition should be noted on the Entry condition report.

Source RTA

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