Arrears warning

Arrears warning

Please take care to ensure your rental payments are made on time.

It wil be of huge benefit to you when and if you should need to apply for your next home!

Your Property Manager will text you once your rent falls FIVE days overdue which will give you the opportunity to rectify the situation before anything further occurs. Your Property Manager will always endeavor to contact you before you fall five days into arrears however time restrictions can sometimes make this impossible.

Once your rent falls EIGHT days in arrears you will be issued a Notice to Remedy Breach.  We would strongly suggest you do your utmost to avoid this as the Notice of Breach is automatically recorded on your tenant ledger.

If the due date on the notice is reached without your rent being rectified your Property Manager will be left with no alternative but to issue a Notice to Leave.

We appreciate life is busy especially at this time of year, so we take this opportunity to thank you for your diligence in making your rental payments on time.