Coochiemudlo Island (Post Code: 4184)

Coochiemudlo Island or Coochie is a small island located off the tip of Victoria Point. Access is  by a  5 min ferry service as well as a barge that leaves from Victoria Point.  There is a park and sandy beaches located on the southern, northern and eastern sides. There are a few amenities on the Island which cater for the residents, such as tennis courts and bowls  and crochet  as well as a small golf course and football field.   Bus services from the ferry terminal link up with the train and bus services to the Brisbane CBD, which allows people to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and have access to the central hubs of the Redlands.

 The Island is mostly home to couples without children, with the average age of residents at 52, which is 15 years above the national average. Whilst there are many holiday homes on the island, the 2011 census indicated that still 65% of residents were owner occupied. The remaining homes where either rental accomodation or holiday homes.

Our property management services also include Coochiemudlo Island where we manage a few properties for Investors.







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