The first stage of any property transaction is to actually buy your Investment property. The last stage is to sell it. Our business is soley focused on the middle stage where you will have it managed and looked after by us.  To help all our Investors with both these stages that we do not deal in, we have associated ourselves with a reputable real estate agency in the Redlands City area.

Dave and Nicki Tidbold of Tidbold Real Estate have been in the business for over 11 years and have built up a reputation similar to ours with their core values based on Honesty and Integrity.   Their office is located in Victoria Point and they will sell your property if it located throughout the Redlands area.

If your in the market for another investment property, we often feature their property of the week in our newsletters which is targeted to all our Investors. Only those properties we both think will make a great investment will be shown. Alternatively, you can visit their website from the link below and monitor their sales portfolio. 

Tidbold Real Estate Link