Property Management FAQs

Property Management FAQ

Managed Rental Properties in Brisbane

How do I change the management of my investment property over to HomeRentals Queensland if it is being managed by another real estate agent?

There are 2 simple steps to follow. Firstly you must terminate the agreement with your other agent. This form is available on our website under 'Forms and documents' or you can call our office. You must sign and send a copy of this form to your agent and a copy to our office. Once this has been done you need only sign a new management agreement with HomeRentals Queensland. We will organise the rest, including collecting all your documentation from your previous agent and notifying your tenant.

If I have my property managed by HomeRentals Queensland will you save me money?

Yes. Our Service guarantee to you is that if you are not completely satisfied with our service after a period of 6 months, we will refund all your management fees and you will be free to chose another agency.

Do I lose control of my property once you start to manage it?

No. We work for you and you set the parameters that are not defined by law... eg: Length of lease; Pets yes or no; We are so confident of our service offering that at any time during our management of your property, you are free to take the management elsewhere immediately without cost or penalty.

What happens to the Bond or security deposit? Do you send it to me?

No. In compliance with State Law, the tenants security deposit is lodged with the Residential Tenancy Authority who oversee the relative legislative acts governing renting in Queensland.

New Legislation can be confusing. Do you keep up with all the changing rules and regulations?

Yes. As an accredited agency of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), we receive the latest changes to any regulations and legislation.We are proactive in keeping up with the latest industry news.

Do you insure my property when you manage it?

No. You must maintain your own insurance coverage by law. However, we will gladly pay your premiums on your behalf from rent collected, should you so desire. You will require a minimum of Public Liability and Building insurance. You can also have contents and landlords insurance.

Will I know what is going on with my property?

Yes. We will communicate with you throughout the term of your management agreement. We will contact you at reasonable times to discuss repairs and inspection reports and notify you of any tenant requests to vacate. Plus, we will keep you aware of other issues that may arise including ongoing maintenance.

What do you do when my tenant vacates?

We start marketing your property as soon as we receive notice from the tenant of their intention to move. Subject to location, we may place for rent signs on the property. We then advertise on the Internet through various major websites including our own. If necessary, we will advertise in local newspapers for a small fee. We also receive referrals from other agents with whom we network.

Can I still use my favourite plumber, electrician or handyman or do repairs myself?

Yes.We will gladly contact the companies or individual(s) you specify as long as they are actually licensed and insured and in the business of performing the required work. Remember, due to the volume of work we give our own tradespeople, their prices are usually cheaper and they will guarantee their work. We can also liaison with owners if they wish to do minor maintenance and repairs themselves.

Do you pay the bills for me?.

Yes. We will gladly pay expenses and repairs, rates and taxes for you.There must of course be sufficient funds in our trust account from your property to cover such expenses.

When do I receive my money from the tenant

You can receive your money either mid-monthly or monthly. This is electronically disbursed to you from our trust account.

Are your management fees competitive?.

Yes. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" is always true. There are other companies who charge less than we do. There are other companies that charge more. We are somewhere in the middle. Remember, we are a real estate business focussed entirely on the management of your property. Our experience and knowledge of the local market will in the long term, save you money.

Are you licensed?

Yes we are a fully licensed Real Estate Office in Queensland. We are also an accredited agency with the REIQ. Our primary business is the management of investment properties, however we have networked with honest and reliable sales agents if you ever wish to sell your property.

Can you start managing my property today?

We can start the process immediately. Contact us today to set up a no obligation consultation with one of our Property Managers to discuss your property in detail or fill in the information under the title of "Manage my Property" and we will contact you within 24 hours.