Update 25th March

OPEN HOUSES:  The Government announced last night that Open Houses and Auctions are now banned for the Real Estate Industry. As stated earlier, we have not shown properties for rent whilst there has been a tenant in place. We have also not conducted Open Homes for the purposes of showing prospective tenants through a property. What we have been doing and will continue to do so, is make separate appointments to prospective tenants to show them on a one to one basis. No children are allowed, and the prospective tenants have been told not to touch anything. Our Property Managers are following strict separation guidelines  as per the government instructions as well as for their own safety.

If you wish to make an appointment to view one of our properties, please understand these guidelines not only for your safety, but for the safety of other prospective tenants as well as our Property Managers.

An appointment can be made by clicking the link on the property you are interested in and making sure you are registered in our system. Our Property Managers will contact you for an appropriate time to view the property.