Update 18th March 2020

With the prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia slowly spreading, the well-being of HomeRentals clients and our staff is of great importance to us. We are emailing or texting you to update you on our contingency plans as a business as of close of business today.

Our office is now closed to the public, however some of our staff are in attendance handling the day to day running of our business. In addition, the remainder of our staff are working from home and have access to all our software and databases. At this stage, we will make every effort to keep our business running, and keep all our processes as normal as possible.

Following is a brief outline of factors that will affect you, our tenants

RENT PAYMENTS- Rent is to be paid as normal. We do now no longer except payments in cash or eftpos. All payments are to be made by direct transfer or Bpay. If you are not already doing so, please contact our office. If your rent payment is going to be late, please contact our office.

MAINTENANCE- At this stage, all our tradespeople are still working. However, subject to the tradesperson, there might be a requirement to vacate your home whilst actioning certain types of maintenance. Be aware there is a maintenance form on our website under the "TENANTS" subheading.

ROUTINE INSPECTIONS- As of close of business today, we are postponing all our normal routine inspections. This will be reviewed on a monthly basis and you will be updated accordingly. Be aware it is still your responsibility to maintain your home in a presentable manner.

OPEN HOMES/VIEWING- As of close of business today, we will no longer be showing homes to prospective tenants whilst they are occupied by another tenant. This is not only to protect our current tenants, but also our staff and the public from possible infection.

LEASE RENEWALS- As of close of business today, you will not be able to enter our office. If you wish to renew your lease, please sign where indicated and either return by post or scan and email a copy to info@homerentals.com.au.

INFECTION IN HOUSEHOLD- Please advise our staff if you have been diagnosed with the virus, or if you are under self-isolation due to government regulations.

Our priority is to ensure that all our clients and staff remain healthy. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us. Please be patient as we have limited office staff on duty. If any of the above circumstances change, we will update you accordingly. 

Please remain safe and healthy during these trying times that we all face.

Best Regards

The Team at HomeRentals Queensland

P: 07 3823 4988

E: info@homerentals.com.au