Update 24th March

GOVERNMENT:  We are currently waiting on advice from the government whether there will be any rent subsidies for Tenants who have lost their jobs.

TENANTS:  We are also being inundated with phone calls from tenants who have either lost jobs or have reduced work hours and are asking for rent decreases or help. You might receive a phone call regarding this matter.

TENANTS WHO FAIL TO PAY RENT:  We have recently been advised that normal procedures need to be followed in case your tenants lose their jobs and cannot pay their rent. This is so that if you do not receive rent, your insurance company will cover the costs subject to your individual policies.  However, this may not be the case with all Insurance companies as this outbreak has been classed a pandemic. We advise that you seek advice from your own insurance company regarding this matter.

This is a complicated process subject to weekends and public holidays but roughly involves the following procedures. They will receive a sms after 4 days, a notice to remedy after 8 days and then a notice to leave after approximately 17-18 days.  A notice to leave can then be issued giving another 9 days to vacate the property. After this time has expired, we have another 10 business days to apply to the courts for an eviction to be valid.

During this time however, and the unusual circumstances we all face, before we send the Notice to Vacate, we will seek further advice and clarification from yourselves whether we proceed or not. This of course will need be in writing. There is no judgment in this decision as everyone’s circumstances are different in these difficult times.

All our other work practices remain unchanged as previously advised. We have currently 2 employees working from home whilst 3 are working in our office which remains closed to the public. As we are now understaffed in the office, please be patient in trying to contact us. Email is currently our preferred method and we will respond as soon as possible.

Once again, please remain safe and look after your families.

Best Regards

The Team at HomeRentals Queensland

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E: info@homerentals.com.au