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The Complex Issue of Property Management

In the 2011 census, there were 287,000 rental properties across QLD that were being managed by Property managers. The challenges that our property managers face each day are wide and varied, but are helped greatly from the fact that it is central to our business. The world of property management is quite complex, with legislation affecting the everyday workings of the tenant and landlord relationship and therefore your property manager. Most of our procedures are dictated by legislation and are not changeable. 

We try to instil in all our property managers good managerial skills, conflict resolution, diplomacy along with social sensitivity. We are bound by The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act, as well as The Fair Trading Act, The competition and Consumer Act, The privacy Act, and the the Anti-Discrimination Act, all of which control and dictate our daily tasks.

We occasionally receive complaints from owners that live beside one of your Investment properties being either against the tenant or the property itself. When it comes to assessing these complaints, our property managers must abide by the RTRA Act which protects both the rights of the tenant as well as the owner of the property. For example, we are limited in the number of times that we can enter your property, so that the Tenant can have "quiet enjoyment" of their home.

The Act also dictates the amount of time that a notice must be given to the tenant, along with limits and time frames of how many times every year we can inspect your property.

On the owners side, we do have the right to enter to make sure repairs are carried out or significant breaches are remedied.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assess and service smoke alarms which are now mandatory in all rental properties and are governed under more legislation. It is also prudent to remember that our property managers, although experienced, are not builders or pest controllers. They do however, have the ability to recommend when these other professional services will be required.

Remember, we always act in the best interests for you and your property, whilst protecting the rights of the tenants under the appropriate legislation.


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