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Property Management throughout Brisbane and surrounds

Often we are asked by private investors why they should engage a property manager.  Whilst some Investors might say it is very easy, it is only when things go belly up that they regret their decision. Property management is sometimes a complicated task and with ever changing legislation and complex processes to follow, a professional property manager is a necessity. 

Most experienced investors understand this necessity to have their investment property looked after by a property manager they can trust. Below is a list of reasons why the inexperienced investor should use the property management services of HomeRentals Queensland.

property management brisbane Our tenant selection process is carefully managed so that all tenants must pass through our 100 point selection criteria. This includes tenancy data base checks, ID checks along with capacity to pay rent, employment history and rental payment history, referral checks and interview. Selection of the right tenant for your investment property is one of our most important property management services that we undertake for our Investors.


Another is the assessment of the rental return of your property. Most first time investors along with salespersons usually over estimate the value of the rent the property can produce. All our property managers are skilled in assessing the actual rent a property can achieve and will work closely with the Investor to achieve the desired outcome.

Every day and week that your property is untenanted, you are losing potential income. Our property management services also include access to over 10 of the most popular real estate websites including our own where your investment is profiled in the most professional manner possible. These include and

The viewing of your property takes time and effort. To showcase your property, our property managers make appointments when it is mostly convenient for potential tenants to view enabling maximum exposure. Initial assessments are also made at this time of a tenant's suitability.

Tenancy agreements and condition reports must be filled out correctly avoiding the possibility of invalidating contracts. Our property managers are meticulous in these procedures to ensure all paperwork is correct.

Keeping a good tenant is also critical for the Investor. Our professional relationships that we develop with our tenants ensure that good tenants will remain in your property for as long as possible. Many investor referrals have come from our tenants as they know that our concern for Investors is closely aligned with our relationship with our tenants. 

Another of the needs of the astute investor is attending to any maintenance issues in addition to advising of any preventative maintenance issues that might in time devalue your property. The size of our management portfolio ensues that we only utilize the services of professional and price conscious tradespersons. property management brisbane

Keeping ahead of all appropriate legislation is paramount as an investor, as a tenant also has certain legislative rights. Ignorance is not an excuse in front of the courts, so knowing where both responsibilities begin and end is yet another reason to engage the services of a property manager from HomeRentals Queensland.

Finally maintaining a professional relationship between our property managers and all stakeholders is at the forefront of all we do. The needs of the investor, tenant, tradesperson and even salesperson are all essential in looking after an investment property. Our experience and the fact that 95% of all new investors who come to HomeRentals Queensland are referred to us by our current investors, tenants and tradespeople should be testament that our property managers can meet all your property investment requirements throughout Brisbane and surrounds.. 

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