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Our Property Management Services throughout Brisbane

Our Services include the following;







  •  Prepare and have signed a Residential Tenancy Agreement.
  •  Complete a comprehensive Entry Condition Report.
  •  Issue all other relevant Notices in accordance with the Act.
  •  Keep you informed.
  •  Conduct regular property inspections with reports.
  •  Advise you of any significant rental trends.
  •  Carefully select a tenant for your property using all resources.
  •  Collect rent and bond monies.
  •  Organize cleaning and advertising for re-leasing of your property.
  •  Organise maintenance when needed and liaiase with  tradepersons and tenants.
  •  Advise you  of best lease terms.
  •  Disburse your funds electronically to your desired account.
  •  Pay associated Bills including rates, insurance premiums and maintenance invoices.
  •  File and lodge all regulatory documents with the appropriate authorities.
  • Attending court if needed.  (Court Fees and hourly fees apply)
  • Provide end of year finacial statement of all costs associated with your property.
  • Reading of water meter at begining (Entry Condition Report) and end of lease (Exit Condition Report).


Our Services DO NOT include:

  • Building Inspections or advice.
  • Termite and Pest Inspections.
  • Testing of smoke alarms
  • Cords to window furnishings

However, we do arrange for other companies to attend to these matters

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