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Bearing in mind all the various demographic aspects investors need to plough through, plus knowing what can or cannot be claimed against tax deductions, added to what property type is better for investments, management fees, rates, insurance etc. - it’s no wonder that investors are often hesitant to grow their portfolio.

One area that can be improved on is taxable deductions and Bradley Beer of BMT Tax Depreciation has clearly outlined some points to help investors make some informative decisions, including viability of loan repayments and adding value to your investment.

Some investors are not aware that deductions can be claimed against the building structure relative to date of construction and size of the property and even the property type can affect the depreciated deduction.  Townhouses and apartments for example may also have common areas factored into the deduction and this could include shared assets such as a pool pump or gym equipment. Additionally, the “plant and equipment assets” that are depreciable, extend to more than just carpets and electrical assets. Adding an alfresco to your home adds value to the property, rental yield and to your depreciation claim... 

With so much to consider it is well worth it to contact a tax depreciation specialist … you never know what savings you have in store!

BMT: Calculate depreciation deductions for your investment property


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