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Need a Property Manager?

If you have recently purchased a Brisbane investment property, it’s likely that you are now in the market for a property manager. Don’t settle for just anyone to manage your newly purchased investment property­a property manager should be reliable and experienced. Here at HomeRentals QLD, we are highly skilled with liaising with both investors and tenants. Be assured that  we will  find the ideal property manager for each client.

Below we’ve put together a few important questions we recommend you ask when searching for your ideal property manager.


  1. How much experience does the property manager have?

It’s always a wise idea to opt for a property manager who is highly experienced within the industry. When you’re on the hunt for a Brisbane property manager, make sure you ask how many years they’ve been working in the field and enquire about the other properties they have managed.


  1. What geographic area does the property manager cover?

This is particularly an important question if you have multiple investment properties or if you have plans to purchase additional properties in future. For example, if your Brisbane property manager only handles South Brisbane properties but you have plans to also purchase a Brisbane City property, this may cause a headache down the track when you need to liaise with multiple property managers. We recommend you try to find a property manager with expertise in a larger geographic area.


  1. What are the processes and protocols for finding tenants?

It’s essential that you opt for a Brisbane property manager who has a strict process in place for finding and approving prospective tenants for each property. You want to feel confident that a reliable and respectful tenant is occupying your Brisbane investment property and strict screening processes help with this.


Can we meet in person?


Lastly, we recommend that if it’s possible to do so, you should always try to meet with your prospective property manager in person. This is to ensure you are 100% happy with your decision and can feel confident that you have found the ideal manager for your Brisbane investment property.

Haven’t found the right Brisbane property manager yet? Here at HomeRentals QLD, we are exclusively a property management agency with an extensive portfolio of properties throughout the Redlands, and South and Eastern sides of Greater Brisbane. For all enquiries, be sure to get in touch with our experienced Business Development Manager, Rachael on 0433 140 950
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