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Maximizing your rental return

We have often said that we will maximise your rental return, but what does this actually mean?

In a nut shell, we will try to get you as much income (RENT) from your property over a given time whilst keeping expenses to a minimum.

We do this in a number of ways.

· By getting you maximum rent for your Property under current market conditions. Remember, your property is always in competition with other properties in your price range as well as the location.

· By finding a suitable and long term tenant.

· Reducing turn around times between vacancies.

· By employing tradespeople who are competitive with their pricing

· By advising when to increase or decrease the rent subject to market conditions.

· By giving leases that do not end in a so called “slow” month.

· By looking after your yard if your property is untenanted.

· By keeping our charges to an absolute minimum. Ours are moderate compared with some.

· By routine inspections and keeping any maintenance issues under control.

There are of course things that you as Landlord can do to also help maximise your returns.

· Make sure your property is presented as best as possible. First impressions are crucial.

· Keep the maintenance up on your property. Once tenants see that it is not well maintained they will go elsewhere. or the rental value will decrease.

· Trust the advice of our Property managers. It is no use saying you want X amount of rent and the property remains empty, whilst our advice is to the contrary. Remember, at any one time your property will be competing against other properties in the surrounding suburbs.

· Choose an accountant who is familiar with all the tax deductions possible for your property.

· Make sure you have a Quantity Surveyor assess your property for all the maximum deductions.

· Access your deductions on a monthly basis by filling in a Tax variation withholding form. (ATO website, or see your accountant)

· Can your property earn extra rent by some small changes?  i.e. Installing an air-conditioner or a new coat of paint! Talk to our property managers.

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