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Information about Rental Increases

The rent can't be increased during a fixed term agreement unless a special term of the tenancy agreement states that the rent can be increased.

If the fixed term agreement allows for rent increases, the lessor/agent must give the tenant at least 1 month's notice in writing before increasing the rent.

The rent can be increased at the end of a fixed term agreement, or at any time during a periodic agreement. If the rent is being increased during a periodic agreement, the lessor/agent must give the tenant at least 2 month's notice in writing. The written notice can be a letter saying how much the rent will increase by, and the day when the tenant needs to start to pay the increased rent.

If the rent goes up, the lessor/agent might also ask the tenant to pay more rental bond. Notice of bond increase can only be given if it is at least 11 months since the last bond increase. One month's notice about the bond increase must be given. The extra bond must be lodged with the RTA using either a Bond Lodgement (Form 2) or Part Payment of Rental Bond form

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