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Handy Hints for the property investor

GOLDEN RULE: Do your homework on the area.

Read through local classified papers to get a better idea of property prices or get onto the Internet and look from the comfort of your home or work.‚Äč

Would you consider living in the property or area that you are purchasing? (The quality of the property will ultimately determine the quality of the tenant)

What is the property constructed from? (i.e. wood, brick, rendered etc.) This will have an effect on the maintenance upkeep.

Is there something unique about the property that will enhance capital growth? (i.e. on water, close to transport, close to the city etc.)

Choose properties with features that will make it easier to rent. i.e. lock up garages, ensuites, air conditioning fenced yards, security screens etc.

Is the property accessible? Is it close to public transport? Is it close to shops, schools and local amenities?

And lastly, don’t be pressured to buy. It is true that the man who stops and thinks may lose an opportunity, albeit the man who stops and thinks will make a smart and wise choice


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