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Corelogic housing data

As a subscriber to RP data, we regularly receive a wealth of property data to peruse. I have reproduced their current newsletter for you as well as their report which you are welcome to download. 

Welcome to the latest quarterly report by CoreLogic RP Data. Included in the report is the Housing Market Overview, Individual Capital City Overview, Economic Overview and Where to From Here.

Also included is the Quarterly Regional Market Update, which was released this week.

Extract from the report

Over the past 35 months, combined capital city home values have been rising following ongoing falls over the previous 18 months. As always the level of value growth has generally been uneven however, the two largest capital cities, Sydney and Melbourne, have recorded the strongest capital growth conditions of all capital cities. Encouragingly the rise in home values across the capital cities has been accompanied by an increase in the number of property transactions as well as a rise in the level of new dwelling approvals. Download report.

Some key highlights

Combined capital city home values have increased by 7.9% over the year

  • Combined capital cities home values have recorded value growth of 7.9% over the 12 months to April 2015.
  • The annual rate of home value growth has slowed from a recent peak of 11.5% in April 2014.
  • Over the past year, house values have increased by 8.3% compared to a 5.6% increase in unit values.
  • The stronger performance of detached housing markets compared with multi-unit dwellings has been a feature of Australia’s housing market over each of the past four cycles.
  • Despite the stronger growth conditions within the detached housing market, we are seeing a growing level of development appetite for medium to high density housing. This is likely due to significantly higher prices in most cities for detached houses compared to units, an increasing desire for residents to live closer to the city centre and changing town planning regulations. 
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