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An essential tool to build your portfolio

Throughout the real estate industry, one gets to meet all types of business people from salespersons to bankers to accountants. Occassionally you come across someone who shines amongst the crowds. Morne Lombard is a mortagage broker with a genuine and sincere character who only wants to help his clients achieve the best possible outcome with their finances. A message from Morne....

Investing in bricks and mortar can be a great way to diversify your finances and create wealth for your future. It’s crucial to secure the right loan structure when investing in property.

Your local real estate agent can give you tips on property hotspots, information on recent sales and the ins and outs of managing a property portfolio. At the same time, I can help you maximise your investment and make sure you’ve got the right finance for your needs.

As your local Loan Market broker I’ll work with you to understand your situation and financial goals, as well as covering off the essentials, such as:

• Reviewing the current structure of your loan 

• Seeing if you can reduce your interest rate

• Identifying ways to save on fees and charges 

• Checking if refinancing could unlock equity 

By assessing your circumstances I could help you save money and stay on track to achieve your investment goals.

For a no obligation review of your finances please call me today on 0400162162  or you can visit my website on the link below

You can also download a brochure from Morne from the link attached   BUILD your PORTFOLIO

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